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About Me

My name is Alex. I grew up in The Colony, Texas, a small suburb of Dallas, and graduated from Cornell University in 2019. 

The summer after my senior year of high school, I was selected to participate in an entrepreneurial and social impact internship led by Greg Weatherford II, my mentor and co-author. What was only supposed to be a three-month internship turned into a transformative four-year learning experience.


During this time, I had the opportunity to be exposed to and learn from professional experiences such as entrepreneurship, project management, business development, hiring and onboarding, youth development, and much more.

My life would be forever changed when shortly before summer 2019, I asked Greg to help me find ways I could serve my community. In response, Greg challenged me to complete 30 different service projects in 30 days, and I accepted. From July 1st to July 31st, 2019, I completed 30 different service projects, impacted over 1,800 people in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and worked alongside more than 21 different organizations.

Inspired by this experience, I founded the Better Together Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, while finishing my college career. Dedicated to supporting the holistic development of youth, I spend much of my time leading the creation of initiatives and experiential programs to enrich youth in the areas of service-learning, entrepreneurism, lifelong learning, physical and mental wellness, and professionalism.

Examples of initiatives I have created include the Let’s Thrive Now campaign (launched in April 2020) and the Mentor Moments podcast (launched in September 2020). Let’s Thrive Now was a website where young adults could access valuable, free resources to help them navigate the unique challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mentor Moments is a podcast launched to provide young adults with the opportunity to learn from executives and leaders who they may otherwise never have had access to, especially with the loss of internship opportunities due to COVID-19. Mentor Moments has featured executives such as Cynt Marshall (CEO of the Dallas Mavericks), Dolf Berle (CEO of Topgolf), Arjun Dugal (CTO of Capital One), and more.

I wrote Better Together: How 30 Days of Service Changed My Life to share some of the valuable lessons I learned from my journey with others, hoping to inspire people to give back to their community. I also plan to continue serving my community through a variety of initiatives.

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